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How to Install Screen Protector on a Model 3 Highland

When it comes to installing a screen protector on your Highland, the process may seem daunting. As experts on Tesla cars, we're here to guide you through every easy step. Follow our guide on "How to Install a Screen Protector on a Model 3 Highland" for a hassle-free experience.

How to Install a Screen Protector on a Model 3 Highland

Rest assured, installing a screen protector on a Tesla Model 3 Highland is no rocket science. It's as simple as applying one to a mobile device. There are no specific requirements for the Highland, and the process is just as straightforward as it is for the previous Tesla Model 3.

Person installing a screen protector on the LCD screen of a car

Simply bring a screen protector and follow the steps outlined below. You can use the same steps for the rear screen too, and it will be ready in no time!

Get Into the Screen Cleaning Mode

Thanks to user-friendly designs, Tesla's interior technology includes a feature for screen cleaning mode to assist customers when it comes to cleaning. This mode facilitates touchscreen cleaning without inadvertently activating buttons or altering settings. Besides, the display dims to enhance the visibility of dust and smudges.

To enable the screen cleaning mode:

  1. Hit Controls
  2. Go to Display
  3. Select Screen Cleaning Mode

Clean the Screen

Make sure that the screen is completely free of dust or particles before applying the protector. It's important to eliminate any debris as it can get trapped, causing bubbles that are difficult to remove. Screen protectors usually come with every relevant piece of clothes to do the job.

For optimal cleaning, follow the three stages below:

Step One:

In the initial step, use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the screen, ensuring every visible debris is removed. A microfiber cloth is the safest option for screen cleaning keeping in mind the possible sensitivity of the electronics below and to avoid any scratches.

Step Two:

For the second step, utilize wet wipes. If wet wipes are not included in your Tesla Model 3 Highland screen protector package, simply use a damp cloth. This will effectively eliminate chemical residue and stubborn marks.

Step Three:

Utilize sticker dust removers to eliminate any dust that remains stuck to the screen and cannot be removed in the previous stages. These dust or debris particles may be too small or sticky, the sticker remover can suck them out from the screen. Your screen will then be flawless.

Carefully aligning the screen protector on top of a screen

Place the Protector

After achieving a crystal-clear screen, carefully remove the protective backing from the screen protector and gently apply it to the screen. If any bubbles appear, use the squeegee to remove them effectively.

Squeegees are scraper-like blades usually provided with screen protectors. However, if your package does not include that, you can use any soft, flat surface object to do the job. Although squeegees are safe to use, you should not apply too much pressure while using them for the protector’s safety.

Finish the Installation

Once the bubbles have been eliminated, remove the top protective layer from the protector. This final step will reveal the finished appearance of the protector on your Tesla Model 3 Highland's screen. However, if you still notice any remaining bubbles, continue to use the squeegee until the protector is smooth.

Similarly, if the protector encounters any dust or debris in the process, you can clean it with a microfiber cloth at any time.

Get Out of Screen Cleaning Mode

Once the job is done, you can safely exit the screen cleaning mode and use your display for normal operations. To do it, simply press and hold the “Hold to Exit” button for a while.

Choosing the Right Screen Protector for Your Model 3 Highland

There are indicators that you've chosen the correct protector for your vehicle. For instance, a complete package will include two protectors instead of one, as the Tesla Model 3 Highland features two screens—in the front and at the back. Additionally, the front protector will measure 15.4”; the back, 8”.

The rest is your choice. However, we’d say that you should consider opting for a tempered glass protector, known for its superior durability. Compared to typical plastic protectors, tempered glass is thicker and stronger, offering excellent resistance to scratches and visible damage.

Man customizing his Tesla car with the help of his LCD screen

Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Model 3 Highland's Screen Protector

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean your screen protector regularly to keep it free from dust, fingerprints, and smudges. A microfiber cloth is ideal for this purpose as it is gentle on the screen protector.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning your screen protector, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the protective coating and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Use a Screen Cleaner Solution: If necessary, use a screen cleaner solution specifically designed for electronic devices. Apply the solution to the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen protector in a circular motion.
  • Avoid Excessive Pressure: When cleaning your screen protector, avoid applying excessive pressure, especially around the edges, as this can cause the protector to lift or become damaged.

Related Questions

Here are the questions people usually ask.

Which Side of the Screen Protector Goes Up?

The position of each side is usually mentioned on the protectors. However, since the protectors in Tesla Model 3 Highland’s case are perfect squares, you don’t have to worry about the positions of the sides.

Why Is My Screen Protector Not Sticking?

To overcome this challenge, make sure that the screen is thoroughly clean, eliminate any dust and air bubbles, accurately position the protector, apply gentle pressure, and allow sufficient time for it to settle.

Can I Install the Screen Protector Without Using the Screen Cleaning Mode?

It is not recommended. Doing so may lead to unintended changes in your Tesla Model 3 Highland’s settings and customizations.


Installing a screen protector on your Tesla Model 3 Highland is an effortless process that enhances the longevity and clarity of your screen. Following our guide will make sure you have a smooth experience, get better durability, and keep your best visibility while moving.

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