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Do Tesla Stores Sell Model 3 Highland Accessories?

Tesla’s allure lies not only in its cutting-edge EVs but also in their array of accessories. Yet, when it comes to the newly launched 2024 Model 3 refresh, the question arises: Do Tesla stores sell Model 3 Highland accessories? In this blog post, we unravel what you need to know.

Curious about the latest Teslas? You might be asking “Do Tesla stores sell Model 3 Highland accessories?” and we’re here to answer exactly that. In this blog post, we will unravel what you need to know.

Do Tesla Stores Sell Model 3 Highland Accessories?

With over 400 stores in 35+ countries, Tesla provides certain Highland accessories. This set of upgrades can also be obtained through Tesla’s online shop. For the complete range, customers have to seek options from other dealers.

Carbon Fiber Front Strip Cover for Tesla Model 3 Highland

As of now, Tesla offers the following Model 3 Highland accessories:

  • All-weather interior liners
  • Center console trays
  • Roof rack
  • All-weather rear cargo liner set
  • All-weather front trunk liner
  • Carpet interior mats
  • Trunk storage bins
  • Sunshades
  • J1772 adapter door deck
  • Pet liner
  • Solid-state drive
  • USB drive
  • Color paint protection film
  • Clear paint protection film
  • Mudflaps
  • Car cover
  • License plate frame (“Model 3” and “Powered by the Sun”)
  • 18” Photon wheel and tire package
  • 18” Photon wheel cover
  • 18” snow chains
  • 19” snow chains
  • Tire repair kit
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Tire tote
  • Wheel locks
  • Road safety kit
  • Paint repair kit
  • Wiper blades
  • Key band
  • Key card
  • Key fob

Hills Tesla Model 3 Highland Accessories

You guessed it right—Tesla stores lack many crucial Highland accessories. This is where Hills emerges as the solution, bridging the gap by providing premium accessories for the Highland model. Here’s the list of valuable upgrades we offer:

Genuine Carbon Fiber Interior Upgrade

Hills Genuine Carbon Fiber Interior accessories are meticulously crafted with 100% real dry carbon fiber to flawlessly complement your Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024 interior. The covers feature high-quality adhesive strips, applying eco-responsible methods throughout production. Boasting a protective layer, the high-end finish shields against scratches and liquid stains.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Dashboard Cover

Hill's dashboard covers are exclusively crafted for a seamless fit. This high-quality dry carbon fiber cover not only adds a sporty and premium finish yet also serves as a protective statement against daily wear and tear. Choose between matte and glossy finishes to match your style.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover

Hills Genuine Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover is an exquisite blend of style and functionality. Beyond enhancing your Tesla's look, the cover provides essential protection against wear and tear, ensuring your center console stays pristine. Enjoy an effortless installation process with precise fitment tailored exclusively for the Model 3 Highland.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Door Handle Caps for Tesla Model 3 Highland

Genuine Carbon Fiber Instrument & Door Panel Cover

Hills fiber instrument and door panel covers offer protection and luxury. Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, this cover transforms your interior, providing a premium finish and protecting against scratches and liquids. Effortless 10-minute installation ensures an immediate upgrade, while the matte or glossy finish options add a personalized touch.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Door Armrest Cover

Precision-designed exclusively for the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland, the carbon fiber-based door armrest cover adds a touch of elegance and protection. The carbon fiber armrest mat provides comprehensive protection, covering original scratches, preventing damage, leaks, wear, dirt, and more, ensuring a pristine and stylish interior.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover

Welcome the flat-bottom steering wheel with the Hills Genuine Carbon Steering Wheel Cover, made from real dry carbon fiber without any aluminum backing plate. The thin non-toxic double-sided adhesive ensures a seamless fit, protecting from wear and tear. Carbon material also prevents the cover from heating under direct sunlight, keeping it easy to hold.

Genuine Carbon Armrest Cover

The Hills Genuine Carbon Armrest Cover combines stunning style with essential protection for your armrest. Shielding against daily wear and tear, it preserves the pristine condition of your interior while adding an elegant touch. The hassle-free installation process, with precise fitment exclusively designed for the Highland, ensures a seamless upgrade.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Rear Cup Holder Cover

Upgrade your Tesla's interior with the Hills Genuine Carbon Fiber Rear Cup Holder Cover, featuring a sleek and modern design that seamlessly complements the overall aesthetic. Effortless installation and adjustability make it a practical addition, ensuring compatibility with different cup sizes. Elevate your Tesla experience with this precision-crafted accessory.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Rear Cup Holder Cover for Tesla Model 3 Highland

Genuine Carbon Fiber Door Handle Caps

Protect and enhance your Tesla's chrome door handles with the Hills Genuine Carbon Fiber Door Handle Caps. These elegant caps, crafted with dry molded carbon fiber, effortlessly slip over your existing door handles. The straightforward peel-and-stick process ensures easy installation, safeguarding and elevating the aesthetics of your Tesla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Hills Tesla Model 3 Highland accessories:

How Can I Install Hills Accessories?

You can find detailed installation guides on the Hills website. All accessories are manufactured keeping the ease of installation in mind. These upgrades should not take more than 15 minutes to fit into your Tesla Model 3 Highland.

Do Hills Accessories Impact Car Functionality?

No, our upgrades do not affect the functionality of your Tesla Model 3 Highland in any way. You can use all functionalities as usual, including the key car access.

What Is Dry Carbon Fiber and Why Is It Valuable in Car Accessories?

Dry carbon fiber refers to carbon fiber fabric that is pre-impregnated with resin and cured before use in manufacturing. The "dry" state means it contains the precise amount of resin needed, avoiding excess weight. This material is valuable in car accessories due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, providing durability.


While Tesla stores offer a range of Model 3 Highland accessories, some crucial upgrades are absent. Hills emerge as the solution, presenting a premium collection of Genuine Carbon Fiber accessories. These upgrades not only bridge the gap in Tesla's offerings yet also provide a seamless blend of style.

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