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What Are the Interior Dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

With the upgrades Tesla introduced with the Model 3 Highland, car guys still debate Tesla’s build quality, particularly its interior dimensions. They often draw comparisons with similar-sized cars from Toyota and Volkswagen.

As a car guy, I understand the argument, especially considering size and comfort. So, what are the interior dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 Highland? And are there reasons to worry about it? Well, I’ve taken the measurements, and here are my findings!

What Are the Interior Dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

The interior dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 Highland are:

Red Tesla Highland
  • Headroom: The front headroom has 40.3 inches of space and 37.7 inches in the rear.
  • Legroom: Front legroom is 42.7 inches, and rear legroom is 35.2 inches.
  • Shoulder room: The front seats are 56.3 inches, and the rear seats are 54 inches.
  • Hip room: 53.4 inches in front seat hip room and 52.4 inches in rear seat hip room.

Tesla not only prioritized sustainable innovation with the design of this compact sedan, the company also delivered a surprisingly spacious and well-designed cabin for its compact size. This makes Tesla’s Highland an attractive car option for anybody whose priorities encompass innovation, functionality, and efficient driving.

The Model 3 Highland Interior Dimensions

The Tesla revised sedan offers a thoughtfully designed interior, prioritizing your comfort and convenience, especially on longer rides. The specifics of the interior dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 Highland are outlined below, offering a comprehensive overview of the spatial provision of this car’s cabin.


You will find that both the front and back seats offer comfortable headroom. In the front, there's about 40.3 inches of space, and in the back, about 37.7 inches. This means taller occupants may not have to bend their necks to go for a ride in the Highland.


The new iteration of this sedan has just the right amount of legroom to offer you amazing comfort when traveling. The leg room has about 42.7 inches in the front seats and 35.2 inches in the back. This means you’re able to stretch out your legs, especially during long road trips, reducing the risk of developing cramps later on.

Shoulder Room

You and your passengers certainly will not feel crammed together, as there’s plenty of shoulder space in Tesla’s Highland. The front seats have about 56.3 inches of shoulder room, and the back seats offer around 54 inches, ensuring high levels of comfortability.

Hip Room

The hip room is another measurement for comfort, with the front and rear hips offering much-needed space. The front hip room is about 53.4 inches, and the rear hip room is about 52.4 inches. This translates to a more comfortable experience, especially on longer journeys. Ample hip room also allows for more effortless movement within the car, making it simpler to get in and out.

Rear interior section of a Tesla Highland

The Model 3 Highland's Cargo Capacity

Excluding the Model 3 Highland's interior dimensions, Tesla offers a rather impressive cargo capacity for such a compact sedan. This electric vehicle offers a traditional rear trunk and a front trunk (frunk) that provides additional storage for your luggage, groceries, and anything else you might need. 

  • Rear Trunk Space: Like previous cars in the Model 3 lineup, the Highland sports an impressive rear cargo space relative to its size, making it a practical daily driver. With an enormous amount of trunk space, you can easily fit your luggage, groceries, sports and workout gear, and anything else you need to take with you.
  • Front Trunk Capacity: The front trunk or “frunk” of the Tesla Highland provides additional space that caters to extra bags or other smaller-sized items you may want to keep separate from the main trunk.
  • Foldable Rear Seats: For even more cargo flexibility, the back seats of the Highland fold down in a 60/40 split. This makes carrying everything from longer items to bulkier gear simple. 

The Model 3 Highland's Cargo Volume 

The specifics of the Tesla Highland’s cargo capacity are outlined below:

  • The frunk of the Tesla's updated sedan measures about 3.1 cubic feet.
  • The storage behind the 2nd row is 19.8 cubic feet. 
  • The maximum total cargo volume with five passengers is around 22.9 cubic feet. 

Tesla’s Highland's storage capacity makes it a practical choice for everyday use. You get spacious front and rear trunks and foldable seats that further expand the total cargo volume. 

Interior Design Comfort and Features

In addition to space, Tesla’s Highland offers exquisite design features that appeal to its appeal. Below are some of the interior comfort and features. 

Center console section of a Tesla Highland
  • Seat design and materials: The Tesla Highland's seats are comfortable and offer good support for your longer drives. They come in either black or white synthetic leather options.
  • Interior noise levels: Teslas are known for their quietness on the road. Tesla's updated sedan offers a smooth ride with minimal road and wind noise.
  • Climate Control: The car boasts a powerful climate control system. It keeps you and your passengers warm in the winter and cool during the summer; even if you live in a region with extreme temperatures, you can feel the comfort of your car. 

Related Questions

With the information outlined above, you may still be curious about the Tesla Highland's interior. Well, you certainly are not alone. Here are some common questions about the interior of the revamped Model 3. 

How Does the Model 3 Highland’s Interior Compare to Competitors?

The interior design of this car stacks up well with other electric vehicles and luxury sedans within its price range, offering owners exquisite style and ample space. 

Are There Any Interior Customization Options?

Tesla offers two interior design options for the Tesla Highland: black and white synthetic leather. However, Tesla may offer more customization options in the future.

Does the Panoramic Glass Roof Affect the Headroom?

While the all-glass panoramic roof of the Highland does provide a fantastic view, it slightly reduces the headroom space of the sedan. This means taller passengers will notice the spatial difference.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland impresses cognizant with its spacious, comfortable, and modern interior dimensions, and it should impress you, too. It's a great fit for individuals, couples, and smaller families. 

The minimalistic design and advanced features offer the perfect blend of luxury and engineering, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience.

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